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Wise Men

img_0097This is the tie I wore today.  I only get to wear it once, maybe twice a year, like today, as we celebrated Epiphany.  Were there three of them?  Did they look like that?  Where did they really come from?  Who knows.  The account of the wise men’s visit is filled with mystery, but they are a staple in our celebration of Jesus’ birth.  And as I told the congregation this morning, their arrival is a game changing performance, fulfilling prophecy that Jesus came as Savior for all, Gentiles and Jews alike.  Good thing for us.  I think we only had two people from Jewish backgrounds among us this morning.  The rest of us were non-Jews.

Some year I’ll plan ahead and have some frankincense and myrrh on hand to show people.  Gold I can get my hands on.

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