No surprises

I met the gentleman I mentioned yesterday at the Volusia County Library Center, where I have never been before.  Actually, a very nice place off of Beach Street near the river.  I recognized him right away and we had a short but great conversation.  We prayed together.  Yes, he needed a little financial help and I was ready with that.  Talked a little about his past and his future.  He’s got a strong faith and really wants to come to church, but I think he’s underestimated the distance from his new place to our church (about 35 miles)  With no transportation, I’m not sure how things will turn out.

He and his wife have only been here a week or so, and only gotten back to their faith in the last few weeks.  I said I’d call him on Friday night when  he had moved to  his new place.  I guess we’ll see what happens.