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Endless popups.  False virus alerts.  Yes, that’s right, some malware got into our desktop at home.  How?  I’m not sure.  We’ve got enough antivirus and antispyware stuff to keep everyone but the nerdiest hackers out.  This one was tough.  I had to get on my laptop, research how to get rid of it, then download software to do it, burn a CD, run it and disinfect the desktop.

Frustration.  Aggravation.  Anger.  The blame game.  Plenty of emotional response to the whole episode.  I wonder if someone, somewhere, is getting some joy out of knowing that they’ve caused someone to waste part of their day trying to recover their computer.  Why would someone even bother to develop “malware” anyway?

Is there always someone trying to screw with your life (or your computer) in some way?  I guess the answer is yes.  I’m not going to get all theological, but I guess that is the problem after all.  Someone’s constantly hacking your life.  Hope you backed up sometime recently.