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Hey, who filled up my calendar?

Uh-oh. I smell trouble. My schedule is getting out of control. Yesterday, I got out of a meeting because it would have meant being out eight days in a row. Tonight, I was trying to figure out a meeting time with a few people and couldn’t come up with any time in February. I know that sounds exaggerated, but now that we are into high school lacrosse season and winter percussion competitions, the majority of my evenings and weekends suddenly have commitments. And I was just congratulating myself on my time management skills. Down the drain, just like that.

It’s not such a bad thing, though. When my schedule is filled with time spent with family rather than meetings of dubious necessity, it appears that I’ve got a handle on at least some of my priorities. No self-congratulations here. Just thanks for the chance to be at games and events.

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