How we started a “puppet ministry”

One night I was spending the night at church for Family Promise and some of the kids needed something to do. Now, I have a drawer full of toys in my office, so I knew I could find something to play with. I I have some rubber snakes, plastic army men, a couple of Nerf guns, a box of Turkish Delight, Marchbox cars, a big button that says “That was easy” when pushed and…a box full of finger puppets. Finger puppets! That's what we can do! Sea creatures, people, various animals and birds. Success. The kids sat and played with them until bedtime.

Now, here's the fun part. Weeks later, someone asked our volunteer coordinator about our “puppet ministry.” <blush> Um, yeah, well, you see…our pastor is really just a big kid and has these toys and…that's how we started a “puppet ministry.”