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Month: June 2013

Youth Gathering (prequel)

  Our high school youth group and I leave tomorow for the triennial LC-MS youth gathering in San Antonio, TX. With 10 youth and two other adult leaders, we'll take […]

An extraordinary ordination

Yesterday I had the privilege of ordaining my son into the office of the holy ministry. His district president granted me permission to do so, and I served as officiant […]

Equal time for Dad

In my Mother’s Day post, I promised to give Dad equal time. Good thing I remembered. Five weeks have flown by and it’s the eve of Father’s Day. Here goes. […]

Planning an ordination

                  My son just graduated from the seminary and received his first call into the pastoral ministry. Just a few days ago […]

Getting His hands dirty

            This morning I began another cover-to-cover reading of the Bible. I choose a different translation to read through each time and this time, I’m […]

A few days with Dad (part 1)

Today I realized I haven’t been up here (Ridley Park) to see my dad in eighteen months! Far too long. He’s not a traveler, so I’m the one who makes […]

Sounds like home

  I am visiting my dad for a few days in Ridley Park, a suburb just south of Philadelphia. Tonight, I'm lying in bed, listening to a whole catalogue of […]

See all the people

            I did a funeral service today for the brother of a dear member. I had visited, talked and prayed with him a number of […]