Kenya (July 13: traveling to Kisii)

After a fair night's sleep, we had a pretty good breakfast at the mission center and headed down the road to Kisii. Some of the road was nicely paved. Other parts were mostly potholes. But we made it in about six hours other a stop for lunch.

Along the way we saw lots of cattle and sheep, gazelle, monkeys and baboons. Most were just siting there looking curiously at us as we stared at them and tried to take a few pictures.


Every few miles we came upon a town or village, and it struck me how similar each seemed to those in Haiti. When I asked Jacob it, he told me that Haiti is much more African than other Caribbean nations. One big difference is that Kenya grows a lot of its own food and has a much strong economy. But the roadside stands, brightly colored signs and interestingly constructed buildings in Kenya reminded me a lot of Haiti.

Supper tonight was some really tough-to-chew chicken, rice, French fries and veggies at the Bluu Nile Hotel where we'll be staying. We're all still a little tired, but looking forward to church tomorrow and then getting to work.


Kenya (travel day…days)

After lots of preparation and packing we took off on the first leg of our trip to Kenya on Thursday afternoon (July 11). An easy leg, just a hop up to Atlanta. We checked four fifty-pound bags of medicine and supplies and fit our own personal items into carry-on duffles.

The first leg of our flight was easy. Got to Atlanta and had time for some very pricey drinks and food. A glass of wine was much more than I ever spend on a 1.5 liter bottle of wine! Anyway, it was good, we found our gate, and met another member of our team, Patrick, who also came from FL. Our overnight flight to Amsterdam wasn't too bad. I think I slept for about four hours.

In the Amsterdam airport, we came across the rest of our team and spent a little time getting to know each other. Everyone seems very nice, with a wide variety of mission and medical experience. Our flight to Nairobi was on a 747, and it takes a long time to load up that plane. I sat in-between Lisa and a man whose elbow was in my side for most of the trip. I slept a little, watched two movies (“Silver Linings Playbook” and “Oz: The great and powerful”) and started Eugene Peterson's book A Long Journey in the Same Direction, which is about a lifetime of discipleship.

When we arrived in Nairobi, we waited in a long, slow line for immigration, and found all of our bags but one. So I waited in line in baggage claim, and we finally got into our van and on the road to the Scripture Mission Conference House where we were just spending one night. Next, we do some orientation and drive to Kisii, where our clinic will be for the next week.

The edge of night from our plane, on the way to Amsterdam.