Matthew 1:2-14 – The Family Tree (wrinkles and all)

A few years ago, Richard wandered into church and worshiped with us for a few months. He dabbled in genealogies and asked me for a few birthdates and places so he could do a little research on my family. Several weeks later he presented me with two binders of material that traced the Douthwaite family back to the 1500’s in Wales. It was interesting to see the names, places, dates and wives of the Douthwaite line – for me, anyway. I doubt too many outside the family would find it compelling.

It’s tempting to skip past Jesus’ family tree at the beginning of Matthew’s gospel. The genealogy might be interesting those in the family, but any long list of names in the Bible really doesn’t capture the imagination. (It was a little more fun when we read King James Bibles and got to say the word “begat” over and over, but days are pretty much gone.)

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