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Month: January 2016

Black Mouth Cur

Since the day we brought him home, we wondered what kind of dog Samson was. We were originally told he was a mix of shepherd and lab and whatever. Friends […]

On Jesus’ prayer list

I came across this sentence as I was paging through one of my journals from last year: “We’re on Jesus’ prayer list.” The thought came from Luke 22:32, where Jesus […]

Don’t do anything!

A few weeks ago when I too a walk through the Indian Trails Sports Complex with my dog, Samson, I couldn’t help but notice how negative all the signage is. […]


When I got to the office early this morning, I saw the red light lit on my phone. I had a voice mail. I couldn’t understand it at first. After […]

Not that bad?

After worship, a member of the congregation said to me, “I couldn’t say the confession today. I don’t do any of those things. I’d be lying.” Yes, that got my […]

There’s a corpse sitting here.

I got the call about 11 am. Her sister had walked into the house and discovered her father, seated in his chair, without his oxygen tube, TV blaring, dead. He […]