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Month: August 2017

For some, this is church (part 2)

For me, the “church” has always been church. But there are other gatherings that function as “church” for them and their families. It was quite a while ago, but I […]

Paths of grace: Gratitude

(Transcription of Sunday, August 27, 2017 sermon.) So here we are talking about gratitude and it’s not even Thanksgiving! Maybe you think I’m pushing things a little too fast, but […]

Live from Palm Coast: Confirmation Class!

Because of the busyness, schedules and distances involved, I’ve got my weekly confirmation classes on Facebook live each week. The technology makes it very easy to do, and those who […]

Is anger a sin?

A couple of Sundays ago, my Church 101 membership class was challenged with the question, “Is anger a sin?” Along with that was the observation that Jesus was angry when […]

It’s time for confirmation classes!

It’s that time of year again. There must be some sort of internal alarm that goes off in the minds of parents who have children entering 7th grade. It’s not […]