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Month: October 2017

“Can we play with your dogs?”

We lived on the end of the row while I was doing my vicarage (internship) in Baltimore, so we actually had a yard in-between us and the church. It wasn’t […]

Lunch and a ride

OK, one more “that time I helped someone” story: This one happened in Florida, late one morning when the intercom from the front office told me, “There’s a man on […]

“All we need is a campsite.”

It doesn’t happen as much as it used to, but some who are seeking help knock at the door of the church. One family I remember in particular wasn’t in […]

A place to stay

“You are a priest, so you have to give me a place to stay.” Those were the first words out of the woman’s mouth when I answered the door one […]

You need to hear it again.

The call came pretty late last night, about 10:45. I was driving, and felt my phone buzz in my pocked, but didn’t listen to the message until after I got […]

The red sofa

OK, it’s really a love seat. But it is really red. And I see it every time I leave my house or come back home. Because it sits, faithfully, on […]

A week on the phone

I just spent a week without (and greatly appreciating!) my office manager and assistant. She took a well deserved vacation with her husband, and will be back tomorrow. (God is […]

I never had to register.

Just about every week, I speak to someone who has served our nation in the military. Some were career. Some enlisted. Some were drafted. Some were deployed. Some served stateside. […]

A long, long line

“Hey honey, what do you want to do this afternoon?” “I don’t know. The house is clean, lawn’s cut, dog bathed, laundry’s done, bills paid, supper’s in the crock pot. […]

And one.

If I can, I try to meet members of the congregation when they check in at the hospital for surgery. Just to pray and be with them as they wait […]


On the way home from the Orlando airport, I stopped at a McDonald’s on 436. (Yes, I know, two visits to McDonald’s in just a few months. Don’t worry; I […]

Ten for ten

For the first time this year, I had all ten of my confirmation class students together. Trust me, in a world where there is so much going on in the […]

Can we be better speakers and listeners?

So I am sitting at a conference, watching the other attendees, fascinated at all the other activity going on. Yes, there are a few people sitting, listening and taking noted. […]