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Month: November 2017

A wonderful, beautiful, minor key.

At noon and then again this evening at our midweek Advent worship services, I realized that all the hymns I picked out were in a minor key. Songs in a […]

Trust, old marinara and wet dog.

As I reflect on last night’s confirmation class, I can’t get a couple of the student’s comments out of my mind. The first came in the context of discussing the […]

Christmas ‘ites

My grandson Elijah was spending the day with me while his mom was out shopping with my wife. One of our projects that day was putting up the Christmas tree. […]

Just be there.

It’s early. Really early. It’s dark. Really dark. It’s quiet. Really quiet. It’s about 6:20 am on a Sunday morning as I pull into the church parking lot to open […]

The snowmen are back.

When Eli and I were decorating the tree yesterday, I noticed that my collection of ornaments included eight snowmen. We haven’t bought any ornaments for ourselves, so all of these […]

Thanksgiving memories

I’m surprised that I really don’t have a lot of Thanksgiving memories. I really like the holiday, especially preparing and consuming the food. I had to really work to come […]