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Month: January 2018


I never, ever get tired of reading or hearing the story of when people wanted to bring their kids to Jesus and the disciples tried to stop them (Mark 10:13-16). […]

Look at me!

My little friend C. stopped by to see me the other day. With a whopping five-and-a-half months of life under her belt, she has developed quite the personality. When I […]

The rhythm of the eternal

In the Old Testament, people’s lives moved with the rhythm of the eternal. For example, there was a Sabbath, one rest day a week. There were festivals to be observed […]

“Jhalda, West Bengal, India”

Right, like I am going to answer that phone call. The caller ID on my phone shows “Jhalda, West Bengal, India.” Really? Like that is a legitimate call I am […]

Just listen.

My friend J. stopped by the other day to cancel a lunch appointment later in the week. He had to go out of town, so we’d get together some time […]

Working concessions in Phila.

It wasn’t my first job. (My first job was church janitor.) It wasn’t my best job. (I kind of like preaching.) But it was a cool job: concessions at Veterans […]

Bless your nurse.

When I went to visit M. in the hospital yesterday, her nurse was in the room, finishing up some charting and her sister sat nearby. As I walked into the […]


This is probably one of my favorite pictures ever, from the early spring of 1986. We were still in our little rental house in Ft. Wayne, IN. I was getting […]

Soda explosion? No thanks.

I had a bonus day with my grandson Elijah yesterday. His mom wasn’t feeling well, so he spent the day and night at our house while she got some rest. […]

Give him the credit.

You don’t have to be on Facebook very long before you’ll read of someone requesting prayer for themselves or someone they know. It’s often for healing, sometimes for reconciliation, and […]

“You had me at ‘Father.'”

As I was reading from the book of Daniel this morning, these words really caught my attention: “The moment you began praying, the command was given” (Daniel 9:23 NLT). Prior […]

They’re watching me.

I know they’ve been watching me. I’ve known it for a long time. No, I’m not paranoid. I’m simply aware that the advertisements that frame my searches and litter the […]

Quiet, empty hallways

What a difference the weekend makes! I had to go up to Jacksonville, FL today to visit a couple of people at Baptist Medical Center. I’d been downtown before, so […]

Tale as old as time

Wedding message for Kim and Daniel, January 12, 2018. Kim is a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast, hence the references to “tale as old as time.”  Kim and […]

At the kid’s table, again

I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but once again I found myself at the kids table. After the wedding rehearsal, the family invited me to join them for dinner […]