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Month: January 2018


I never, ever get tired of reading or hearing the story of when people wanted to bring their kids to Jesus and the disciples tried to stop them (Mark 10:13-16). […]

Look at me!

My little friend C. stopped by to see me the other day. With a whopping five-and-a-half months of life under her belt, she has developed quite the personality. When I […]

The rhythm of the eternal

In the Old Testament, people’s lives moved with the rhythm of the eternal. For example, there was a Sabbath, one rest day a week. There were festivals to be observed […]

“Jhalda, West Bengal, India”

Right, like I am going to answer that phone call. The caller ID on my phone shows “Jhalda, West Bengal, India.” Really? Like that is a legitimate call I am […]

Just listen.

My friend J. stopped by the other day to cancel a lunch appointment later in the week. He had to go out of town, so we’d get together some time […]

Working concessions in Phila.

It wasn’t my first job. (My first job was church janitor.) It wasn’t my best job. (I kind of like preaching.) But it was a cool job: concessions at Veterans […]

Bless your nurse.

When I went to visit M. in the hospital yesterday, her nurse was in the room, finishing up some charting and her sister sat nearby. As I walked into the […]