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Month: January 2020

The future of the church

The future of the church will always be the gathering of people who need to hear the gospel, receive God's forgiveness and be equipped to take that blessing back to their world. There are no age, height, income or experience restrictions on that experience.

So why did I join a college fraternity?

I just finished reading Fraternity by Alexandra Robins. It resurrected a lot of memories from my freshman year at college. I found myself wondering, “Why did I join a fraternity?”

Sand Hill Crane

Today I went to and used their handy identification guide. With just a few clicks indicating location, size and color, "Sand Hill Crane" popped up.

Rock climbing

You're never too young to begin and never get too old to keep climbing on the Rock!

Put it on the scale

Put it on a scale to see how it compares to God's power, grace, mercy, forgiveness and promises.