About me


I’m Bill Douthwaite, and I’ve served as pastor of Shepherd of the Coast Lutheran Church (LC-MS) in Palm Coast, FL since 1996. I previously served congregations in Urbandale, IA and Coventry, CT.

I married my wife Lisa in 1984. We have three children: Adam (married to Sarah), a pastor in Dallas, TX; Katherine (married to Brian Wolf), a writer in St. John’s, FL; and Olivia (married to Rob Kendall), a fulltime mommy living in Ormond Beach, FL. I now have eight grandchildren: Eden, Isaac, Josephine and Anastasia (Adam and Sarah’s children), Cameron and Sydney (Brian and Kate’s daughters), and Elijah and Daniel (Rob and Olivia’s sons). All are seven years old and younger and so much a fun!

With the Texas grandkids

I enjoy fitness, dogs, kids, playing the trumpet and guitar, traveling and writing stories about my encounters with God’s grace in life, ministry, family and community.

Everyone’s in this pic, but two haven’t been born yet!
Everyone is in this pic, but Josephine hasn’t been born yet!

You can listen to some sermons here and catch up on Samson’s life here.


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