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Keeping in touch

We got our first look at an iPad last week. There are lots of rumors about what the next iPhone will be like when it’s released this summer. The way we communicate is changing in real time!

This is a challenge for the church. In order to communicate with all the members and regular attenders of our congregation, we have to utilize everything available.

  • We send out burst emails (to everyone who uses email.)
  • We update via Facebook and Twitter and MySpace, depending on which social media is preferred.
  • We hand out a printed weekly newsletter at worship.
  • We advertise in print and broadcast media.
  • We mail out information.
  • We display large posters and banners about upcoming events.
  • We text those who communicate best that way.
  • We make announcements on Sundays.
  • And yes, sometimes we actually pick up the phone and call, even though it seems like we get answering machines more than real people.

How effective are we? It’s hard to put an actual number to it, but for a given event, it seems like about half the people know what’s happening. That doesn’t sound like much, but I’d like to know how effective other churches are at communicating. And what would it take to reach 75% or higher?

What do you do about those who only check their email once a week or so? Or those who have stacks of unopened mail at home? Or those who don’t actually read the newsletter they take home? Or those who don’t have an answering machine? Or those whom you only see in worship once every six weeks or so?

I would imagine this is a universal problem. How do you approach keeping in touch?

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