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Another step into the grown-up world

Over the past few days, my youngest daughter who just turned fifteen has taken a couple of giant steps into the grown-up world. She got her learner’s permit to drive and she opened some bank accounts. Suddenly, she’s driving me around. Money isn’t going out as fast as it comes in, but is being saved and budgeted. Real world stuff.

I think I was younger when I opened my first bank account, a passbook savings account. One where the teller wrote in what you were depositing or withdrawing in a little book. A far cry from the online banking world we’re in now where you don’t ever actually see your cash.

I learned how to drive in driver’s education class in high school. I remember cruising along in a car with a second brake pedal on the passenger side which the instructor seemed to use quite often, and two classmates in the back seat either heckling or praying.

Even though we’ve passed these milestones with our two older children, it’s no less exciting or rewarding to share these moments.

One thought on “Another step into the grown-up world

  1. Gee…u have brought back some of my fond memories…does not seem like that long ago, i turned 15…Well, it has been almost 10 years 😉

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