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How I conquered interruptions to achieve amazing productivity

3446044909_5d2aeac881_bHow many articles have you read about eliminating interruptions and distractions in order to get important work done? Here’s another, although it might not be for everyone.

First, when you find yourself in the predicted cone of an approaching hurricane, stay put. Do not evacuate. Instead stock up on supplies, make sure your generator is working, prepare your home and hunker down.

Second, when the power, internet and cell coverage goes out, you’ll be good to go. Your phone will not buzz incessantly with useless notifications, no one will call you, no one will text and no one will stop by because they will all be home weathering the storm. Without Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or network TV, you will discover hours of free time to devote to important tasks.

This strategy will buy you about three days of uninterrupted time to get work done. The absence of some creature comforts like air conditioning, light and internet connectivity will be a small price to pay for amazing productivity!

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