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Rain and shine

Photo by Shawn Maxfield

Twice in one week I found myself on the exact boundary between sunshine and a rain shower.

The first moment was a Sunday morning, standing under the portico in front the church. I looked north and the sky was a bright, cloudless blue. I looked south and rain was pouring down from dark storm clouds. Rain and shine all at the same moment!

The next day it happened again at home. Looking out the front of my house it was a nice, sunny day. But when I looked out the back, sheets of rain were watering the yard and gardens. Once again, rain and shine.

Weather is rarely consistent throughout Florida. As thunderclouds roll through our community, we wonder if my grandson’s soccer game is still on. I check the weather radar on my phone and there are no clouds or rain at the soccer fields half an hour to the south of us. Or we head to the beach to one of our favorite restaurants, only to run into evening storms along the coast. Family will call and ask how we fared in the most recent tropical storm. We assure them we were fine. The storm came ashore hundreds of miles away. We got no rain at all.

I’ve learned to run outside when I experience a stormy sunny day or a sunny stormy day. That is rainbow weather, and I am rarely disappointed. I am delighted when all the colors come out to greet the sun and the rain!

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