I’m not writing out my sermons.  At least, not lately.  I’ve gotten into “storyboarding,” just like they put together movies or commercials.  I’m not sure where I picked up this […]

A lack of leaders

It’s that time of year when our congregation has to nominate leaders to serve in the coming year.  With nearly two hundred active families, you wouldn’t think it would be […]


Endless popups.  False virus alerts.  Yes, that’s right, some malware got into our desktop at home.  How?  I’m not sure.  We’ve got enough antivirus and antispyware stuff to keep everyone […]

Nobody called

I’ve made a lot of visits with families who have visited and are interested in our congregation in the past few weeks.  One comment that’s stuck in my mind is, […]


After years of borrowing my neighbor’s power washer, I finally got one of my own.  I had to.  His hasn’t been working and my driveway was getting mildew-y. I got […]

What numbers are important?

So here’s my question today:  what numbers are important?  We love to talk numbers at church.  Unfortunately, most of them mean very little. “How big is your congregation?”  I can […]

Learning to just listen

Yesterday, I visited with a couple who have been attending our Sunday worship services.  At one point in the conversation, they shared with me some personal information, and added that […]

Florida State University Graduation

Our family traveled to Tallahassee yesterday for FSU’s commencement this morning.  My son, Adam, received his bachelor’s of science degree in Sociology with a religion minor.  There were just under […]

Baby Riley

We just got back from the hospital in St. Augustine, visiting Jessica and her new baby daughter, Riley.  Mark, the dad, was out to dinner with his family, so we […]