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Rock climbing

You're never too young to begin and never get too old to keep climbing on the Rock!

Are there pointy hats in heaven?

Even though All Saints is technically November 1 on the church calendar, we celebrated it in worship today. And since we call it a “celebration,” the children’s sermon wasn’t too […]

Can I have your attention?

Post-Easter Sunday excitement, wiggles and sugar-hangovers made the Good News Club a little more challenging last week. After a few songs and teaching about the resurrection via the account of […]


I never, ever get tired of reading or hearing the story of when people wanted to bring their kids to Jesus and the disciples tried to stop them (Mark 10:13-16). […]

At the kid’s table, again

I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but once again I found myself at the kids table. After the wedding rehearsal, the family invited me to join them for dinner […]

My wife is in Haiti (part 3)

My wife is in Haiti (part 3). At least once a month, someone forgets to turn off their cell phone and they get a call during a worship service. Today, […]