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LCMS Youth Gathering day 2

First thing this morning was a pretty good Bible study on John 9. Only about 4,000 people there.

After that we went to all the booths in the exhibition hall. From what I can tell, every district, ministry, and university in the LCMS is here. Lots and lots of free stuff!

We then went to see Megan’s Hong Kong presentation. Fairly well attended. They did a very good job.

Subway sounded good for lunch. 90 minutes later we were eating, lines for everything!

We went to a Lost and Found concert and got to sit up front on the floor. Funny and entertaining. Lots of the kids got T-shirts.

Supper at Huck Finn’s. Then off to the mass gathering at the Dome. We sat pretty far up top. Great music and presentations tonight. But the walk back seemed longer. Everyone’s pretty tired tonight.