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Forced auction!

One day last week I saw these signs at all the major intersections in my community. They weren’t there for long. Code enforcement is pretty quick to clean up such advertisements.

But it really caught my attention. These are high priced items! A Lamborghini? MSRP starts at $200k! Picassos? Really? You’ve got more than one original Picasso for sale? Lol, some of his stuff goes for over $100 million. I thought all the Rembrandts and Matisses were in museums. Dalis go for $8,000 to $12,000. You can get a Peter Max for $2000. The cheapest Rolex watch sells for $5,000.

OK, so what exactly is a forced auction? It is property being sold involuntarily, sometimes due to a court order in a bankruptcy or foreclosure. If someone actually owned such items, I doubt they would need to be forced to sell them off.

But who knows? Gambling debts? A nasty divorce? Need money to pay a ransom? Were drugs involved?

Were any of these items genuine? Would they actually be up for bids? Or was this just a ploy to get you in the door?

I wonder if anyone from our area reserved a socially distanced seat? Part of me really wanted to go just to see if any of it was real.

Do you think they’d take a check?