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Do you listen to sermons online?








So why do I spend the time uploading my sermons to

I did a little research, and discovered that on average, each uploaded sermon gets about a dozen listens. My all time high is 57 (“When a kiss is not just a kiss”) a Lent midweek sermon from a few years ago. Quite a few others hit double digits, mostly in the teens. Some don’t.

Each uploaded sermon is promoted on both Facebook and Twitter among my friends. My blog has a link to sermons, although I doubt if many click on it.

So what is the point? Is it worth continuing this effort? Does anyone really care? If you miss church for some reason, do you listen to see what you missed? If the message was especially meaningful, do you re-listen? I require my confirmation students to hear and report on at least 12 sermons during a school year. Many want to skip church and listen online. Is that even kosher?

I don’t listen to many online sermons. Maybe I should. It might be a blessing. It might help my faith, understanding, preaching.

What do you think?