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Leaf Bug

leaf-bug-at-sotcI asked the children what they got for Christmas at preschool chapel last week.  One young man said, “A leaf bug!”  I double-checked, “A what?” thinking that I might have misheard him.  “A leaf bug!” he repeated.  OK, well how about someone else.  His sister raised her hand.  “I got a television!”  “Really?” I said, “A big flatscreen about this big?” stretching out my arms.  She nodded affimatively.  Wow.  From a leaf bug to a TV in one family.  And each was convinced they got the best gift!

Now here’s the ironic part.  As the children left the sanctuary to go back to their classrooms, this leaf bug was above the door leading into the church.  Talk about perfect timing.  He was kind enough to freeze while I got a few pictures of him.  He was about 4 inches long, and true to his name, looked just like a leaf.

So at creation, God actually thought to make a bug that resembled a leaf.  I don’t think I would have ever thought of that.  That’s why He’s God, I guess.

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