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Walking with the wise

I came across these words of wisdom in Proverbs this morning:  “Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise” (13:20).

Sometimes I need to hang out with wise people. People who have insight, who have had some experience, who I can learn something from, who can get me thinking, who can challenge me. All I need to do is find some.

Here’s where I’ve found some wise people to walk with:

Online. Blogs, newsletters, sermons and teaching.  The web gives me a chance to walk with people I never would have met otherwise, and people I’ll never get to know, but are a source of wisdom.  It’s not unusual to find little nuggets on Facebook and Twitter.

Books and periodicals. Besides walking with the Lord in his word each day, I can walk with the wise through may kinds of literature, recent and ancient.

Family and friends. The real thing.  Real people to walk with who can see things from a different perspective.  Definitely a gift from God.

People at church. Yes, even members of the church.  When you see church and life and ministry through the eyes of a pastor for a while, you forget what it’s like to have “lay eyes.”  It’s good to have a few trusted sets of those to keep you grounded.

I know where to find foolishness.  However, I’ve always got my radar on for someone with wisdom.

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