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Sunday morning

What is early Sunday morning like for a pastor?  I’m glad you asked.  While some may roll over in bed bemoaning the fact that it’s time to get up for church, I’m up early on a Sunday, with way too many things on my mind. Getting up early gives me the chance to wake up, shake all that stuff loose from my mind, and focus on what I need to do.  I get to church about 90 minutes before the beginning of the first worship service.

First, I work from a list of things I need to set up and get ready, so they are off my mind.  Things like having my water ready, setting up my bible class, adding people to the prayer list, and putting my bible and worship folder out.

Next, I run through my sermon.  Maybe not the whole thing, but at least the outline images I’ve got in my head.

With everything in place, I’m ready to worship first of all, focus on leading worship and preaching, and talking to all the people who will gather.  I’ve found that keeping focus on a Sunday morning is the biggest challenge; there are so many things to distract you.  So if it ever seems like I’m somewhere else when you talk to me, chances are I am!

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