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The day after

The day after Christmas. Finally a good day to rest and relax after a busy Christmas season.

There is always a day after. A day when life gets back to normal. Like the day after Noah and his family finally got off the ark with the animals. Or the day after Goliath goes down. Or the day after the temple is dedicated. Or Monday after the resurrection. We’ve been changed forever by the events that have just happened, but now we settle into a routine once again. We will prepare and celebrate again in the future, but that day is as much as a year in the future.

When Christmas is at the end of the week, Sunday comes again very quickly (like tomorrow!). After saying so much about our Lord, suddenly it’s time to preach again. It won’t be a routine day, though, for we will have a baptism. And we will have many guests with us again. And we will pray much about the new year to come.

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