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Who goes to church on Christmas Day?

Yesterday, I wrote  about those who attend on Christmas Eve. Now I’m pondering church attendance on Christmas Day. I grew up in a household where we went to church every Christmas Eve and Day. Every year. Without exception.

However, when I began serving in my first parish, I discovered that virtually no one else had that experience. Christmas Eve is the big event. Christmas Day passes by and no one hardly notices. Most churches around me do not have a Christmas Day service. Some even cancel services for the Sunday after Christmas.

But I’ve discovered that worship on Christmas Day serves our members and guests who do not drive at night and cannot attend a Christmas Eve service. So we generally have a whole different group of people.  There are some overlaps, but not too many. It’s a smaller service, with a chance for more conversation and prayer, unlike the packed sanctuary of Christmas Eve. I find Christmas Day worship very meaningful.

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