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Who goes to church on Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve is one of the biggest attended worship services of the year for us. Easter Sunday is the other. Why is that? Who goes to church on Christmas Eve?

  • If they’re in town, most of our regular attenders will be there.
  • If they’re in town, a good number of members who rarely attend (once or twice a year, at Christmas or Easter) will be there.
  • Visiting relatives will be there.
  • Some first time worshipers will be there, too.

That last group is the one that really interests me. How did they find us? Why did they choose us? What are they looking for? Chances are they will slip in and slip out without meeting me, so I don’t often get answers to these questions.

The Christmas Eve culture is an interesting one. So many spend so much time and money on the commercial and consumer dimension of the celebration. So why all of a sudden devote time to worship? I am sure they like the music. Or they’ve been told “we’re going to church.” Or it’s something they’ve always done. I think it’s awesome when you see a whole family sitting together.

I used to feel a lot of pressure to communicate the gospel clearly to those whom I will only see on this night. That’s important, but I don’t feel that pressure anymore. I like to tell the story because I like to hear the story of my Savior coming to save me. And I think everyone else likes to hear that story, too.

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