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This thing called love

I’m playing the part of God in an upcoming dinner theater at our church, “This thing called love.” A montage of music, video, live drama, and art, it takes us back to the days just before Hurricane Katrina, and exposes the heart of God to a world that is bent on self-destruction. I have to be the God who is upset at the condition of people, and knows what it will ultimately take to save them. It will cost the life of his son.

David is described in scripture as someone after God’s own heart. Someone who got it, who understood what God was up to, and knew he could be trusted. It’s not that David didn’t struggle from time to time. But at least he had a clue.

The heart of God is an interesting concept. His desires, his passions, his concerns, his will. All things to be sought and discovered. All part of who he is.

I wonder how people picture God. My face probably doesn’t come to mind. Although, when you’re in preschool, you are pretty sure that I’m God. I used to be Jesus when my hair wasn’t as gray. And why not? Who else would a guy you only see in God’s house be?

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