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My wife’s back from Haiti!

She flew back to Miami this past Sunday, and my youngest daughter and I drove down to meet her and drive back home on Monday. Was it ever good to see her! I also got to meet a number of the medical mission team she went with her and talk with them over supper. An interesting, diverse, and talented group who made a difference in the 1300 patients they saw at the church turned into a clinic the week before.

She was glad to be home, for the conditions were hot, sticky, rainy and dirty. But I think a part of her wanted to stay since so many would need so much help for years to come. Even though what they did was awesome, it was only a drop in the bucket. The team had just gotten to know each other and many members of the church and community, so it was as hard to leave as it would have been to stay. One of those paradox things.

Now that she knows people there, we’ll be able to stay in touch and help more in the future. It feels very different to help people you met and know by name than to just support “missions” somewhere, so this can be a great opportunity for her and our congregation. Where will she (or hopefully, “we”) go next? Hard to say. There are many, many opportunities. Of course, for just about everything now, you must pay your own way, so a little planning is needed.

So, God — what’s next?

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