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30 hour famine follow-up

The youth group and I ended our thirty-hour famine this afternoon with a worship service, holy communion, and then a great dinner prepared by the parents at 6:00 sharp.

This year’s group is awesome. We had no problems, everyone participated fully and enthusiastically, and everyone was asleep by about 2 am last night. The ground was hard and the air was cool but I was warm in my sleeping bag under a cardboard box. Earlier in the evening we did a few devotions, played some games to help us understand the dynamics of living without much in third world countries, and watched the movie Slumdog Millionaire. I’ve seen the movie before, but it’s a great reminder of how difficult life is for so many in this world. Today’s program included some strenuous service activities at the homes of some of our members who need a little help with yard work, and a few more games.

One lesson of not eating for a day or so is the awareness of how often you just timefor a snack without even being hungry. I’ll bet I caught myself thinking about it a dozen times over the thirty hours. We could probably all do with a few less snacks in the course of a week. I also learned that our youth care a lot about other people. They may have their moments of self-centeredness, but they also have many moments of wanting to make a difference and leave their mark on this world. I’m very proud of them all.

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