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Compassion for the lost?

In the same conversation I mentioned yesterday another question was posed: “How do you display compassion for the lost?” By “the lost,” we mean those who do not have saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Once again, it’s probably easier to see that in someone else than to see it in yourself. So what does that quality look like? Can you hear it in someone’s voice? Or see it in their actions? Jesus is, of course, the best example. When he shows up and sees a crowd of people, they looked lost to him, like sheep without a shepherd, so he immediately gets to work teaching, proclaiming, and healing (Matthew 9:35-36).

Here’s what I’d look for (not in any particular order):

  • Someone who listens and gets to know people.
  • Someone who truly cares about people and their situation.
  • Someone who’s confident that God’s love includes anyone and everyone.
  • Someone who’s willing to invest time and energy in a relationship.
  • Someone who understands the mercy of God in their own lives.

Are those things evident in my life? Sometimes. But honestly, sometimes not. There’s something to pray about.

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