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Happy Birthday, Bill

This seems like a good day to reflect on my 53 years of being around on the earth. At first, it’s about the numbers. Married 26 years. Three kids. 24 years in the ministry. 14 years in Florida. 35th high school reunion later on this year. Milestones that are significant.

As I’ve often written before, though, I certainly don’t feel like I’m in my fifties. How old do I feel? In many ways, like I’m still in my twenties. I think that’s because I am still doing many of the things I did then. Running. Trumpet. Church. Kids. My size and weight are pretty much the same as then. Ok, I know, my hair is much grayer, but apart from that, I feel much younger than my years announce.

But life was very different when I was in my twenties. No blogs. Few had personal computers. Cell phones? Nope. Social media. No. Now, however, everything about me and everyone I know is out there for the world to see. Experiences, pictures and opinions — they’re all there. Life has become a very shared experience. I received at least 100 birthday greetings today, many from people I haven’t actually talked to in decades. Some of whom I barely remember from my childhood. So my party each year gets bigger and bigger. And all without one invitation!

Seriously, though, 53 doesn’t feel too bad. I can still keep up with most of the church’s youth group. I can still remember most off the things I need to recall. I enjoy my work. And I love my wife and family. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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