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Keeping in touch

With more and more ways to communicate available to us, in some ways it’s harder that ever to keep in touch with people. Some of it is generational, I’m sure. To effective shepherd a congregation, it seems like you have to master many modes of communication.

Telephone. Ah, yes, old school. But for some members, that’s the best way to get in touch with them. Some do not even have any kind of voice mail, so it’s hit or miss, and you need to be persistent to catch them at home. If your a grandparent, you’re a fan of the phone, although some younger families prefer it, too.

Email. If you’re a parent, you do a lot of this and you’ve been doing it for a long time. Fortunately, most email clients effectively filter out spam, so it’s a lot more productive than it used to be. Plus, you can check it at work, home, or on your smart phone.

Social media. Lots of adults use Facebook updates, messages, and chats as their main form of communication. Some forget that status updates are public, so you’re sometimes updating the entire world about some personal issues. But it’s cool to see all the pics of what you and your family are doing.

Text. In high school or below? You text and you text a lot.

Mail. By mail, I mean a letter in an envelope with a stamp delivered to a person’s home. If all else fails, I will mail a letter.

In order to reach the entire congregation with information, I use all of the above. There is no one method that will reach more than half of the people. The trick is knowing who likes to use what. Once you discover that, you’re golden.

What methods of communication have you found effective?

2 thoughts on “Keeping in touch

  1. How about this combination? When I need to contact our son in Jax with some detailed things (usually computer problems) – I send email – then call on the cell phone and leave a voice message – ” Hi- this is Mom, please read your email.” Works every time. Anita

  2. What an interesting post! I use all of the above mentioned methods as well, with texting at the bottom of the list. Believe it or not, I currently have no texting minutes in my plan. That is soon to change, however. I am getting a Smart phone – which will undoubtedly be smarter than me! LOL! But I will have unlimited texting with it.

    One evening, I was trying to contact my son. I had a question that I needed answered at that time. I am sure he looked at the phone, saw it was me and decided he could get back to me later. So I sent him an email:

    “Back in the “olden days”, we had one phone and it was attached to the wall. It would ring, and although we didn’t know who was calling, we picked it up and said hello.”

    His reply: “If you want to get ahold of me, text me.” Argghh! 🙂

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