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Out of Africa (July 24)

Final day in Africa was outstanding. First stop was the Elephant orphanage, established about twenty years ago to rescue baby elephants who had been orphaned when their parents were killed by poachers for their tusks. They currently have 25 in the preserve, ranging in age from 3 months to 5 years. Each elephants stays there from seven to twelve years, and every one returns to the wild. So far, 150 have been rescued and returned to their native habitat. Incredible place, and we watched them from less than ten yards away.



After a quick lunch at the Java House and a disappointing walks around a Nairobi “mall” we went to the Kizuri bead and pottery factory. There we saw the amazing work of single moms who make absolutely beautiful bead and pottery creations to support their families. Yes, we shopped.

We met with Pastor Trump, the director of missions in Kenya and Tanzania, and debriefed out medical mission. We had suggestions, he had encouragement, and it was good to be with Shara and Catherine, our coordinators one last time.

After a quick supper at the mission house we headed for the airport. Always a hassle, we made it through many levels emigration and security, arriving at our gate with time to relax before boarding the first leg of our flight home.

Some of the team are having stomach problems and I'm losing my voice after battling a sore throat these last few days. We are plenty tired, so sleep should come easily and I am already working on my sermon for Sunday.

Farewell, Kenya, for now.


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