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Tag: Kenya

I think you should go

  As my wife prepares to lead another mercy medical team to Kenya in November, recent events have given us cause to reflect on the risks involved with her return […]

Kenya retrospective

I’ve been home from our trip to Africa for four days. Time to reflect on the twelve days I spent in Kenya. One of the first things that impressed me […]

Out of Africa (July 24)

Final day in Africa was outstanding. First stop was the Elephant orphanage, established about twenty years ago to rescue baby elephants who had been orphaned when their parents were killed […]

Kenya (July 23 back to Nairobi)

We got to sleep in a little later today and stopped at a Maasai village on the way back to Nairobi. They showed us around their homes, let us take […]

Kenya (July 21: Maasai Mara safari)

Today was safari day number one. Breakfast was served at 6:30 am. It was tough fighting our way through a group of very rude Italians to try and get some […]

Kenya (July 19 in Kisii)

The day started in an unusual way, to the sound of someone power washing the outside walls and the noisy talk and clattering tubs of the laundry people, all about […]

Kenya (July 18 in Kisii)

Yet another clinic day. We saw another 200 people. As we arrived, a huge mob of people was pressing against the front gates of the church. More than a few […]

Kenya (July 17 in Kisii)

Day three of the clinic was a lot like day two, except for the mob scene at registration. Pushing, shoving, yelling and complete chaos made it impossible to sign people […]

Kenya (July 16 in Kisii)

Day two of the clinic began much like day one, with an early bus ride out to the church and a quick clinic setup. Rev. Shaun Trump gave a morning […]

Kenya (July 15 in Kisii)

We were up a little earlier this morning and actually on the road by 7:40. After we unloaded and set everything up for the clinic at the church, the Bishop […]

Kenya (July 14 in Kisii)

It was a leisurely Sunday morning after a good night's sleep. Breakfast was scrambled eggs, sausage, fruit and some bread. Instant coffee is often made with hot milk rather than […]

Kenya (July 13: traveling to Kisii)

After a fair night's sleep, we had a pretty good breakfast at the mission center and headed down the road to Kisii. Some of the road was nicely paved. Other […]

Kenya (travel day…days)

After lots of preparation and packing we took off on the first leg of our trip to Kenya on Thursday afternoon (July 11). An easy leg, just a hop up […]

Kenya (part 1)

                  My wife Lisa has bee trained to lead medical mission trips for the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod Health Ministries. She’ll […]