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Category: faith

“I know Clara Reuben!”

At last summer’s synodical convention in Tampa, the exhibitor hall was a great place to escape some of the long business sessions and presentations when my brain and bottom just […]

From generation to generation

“His mercy is from generation to generation on those who fear him” (Luke 1:50). I read those words early Thursday morning before I went to visit my dad one last […]

A tear in my eye?

(Tear in the title is pronounced with a long a, not a long e.) A feeling of relief swept over my as the doctor stepped back and said, “Everything looks good.” […]

What happened on Saturday?

Holy Saturday. For we pastors who run the entire Holy Week race, we’re coming out of the final turn on the way to Easter morning. The week has been filled […]

“What is God going to do?”

It’s been three days. Three long days. People are starting to get thirsty. And grumpy. And panicky. We’re in the middle of the desert – when are we going to […]