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Wait for it – Matthew 1:24-25

“When Joseph woke from sleep, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded him: he took his wife, but knew her not until she had given birth to a son. And he called his name Jesus” (Matt. 1:24-25).

If anyone ever underestimates Joseph's part in the story of Christ's birth, they just need to read these two verses. Some honeymoon, huh? I know, I should be a little more reverent, but the whole idea of getting married is so that you can “know” your wife (and I know you know what that means!). Obedient, patient, self-controlled — if you ask me, Joseph is one heck of a husband!

Just recently, someone asked me about the belief that Mary remained a virgin after giving birth to Christ. Even though there are passages that refer to Jesus' brothers and sisters, they could mean cousins. However, I believe that after the birth of the Christ, it was business as usual for Joseph and his bride, Mary. An extended family only makes the Son of God more human, experiencing the dynamics of family as we do.

When God created male and female, his command to them was to be fruitful and multiply, to have children and be a family. Though his brothers and sisters would later be those who did the Father's will, why not have a few half-bothers and -sisters to grow up with? Why not experience the blessing of siblings?

I have so many good memories of growing up with my family. From the games we played to after-supper devotions, the memories are vivid and wonderful. Even though we rarely get together, when we do, it's like we just parted ways yesterday.

Thank you, Lord, for the amazing blessing of family!


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