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The Dropbox

Picture3Last night my wife and I went to see “The Dropbox” a documentary directed and produced by students from the University of Southern California about a pastor in Seoul, Korea who constructed a box in the wall of his church to rescue babies that would otherwise be abandoned in the streets. It was a moving and emotional journey to the church and home of Pastor Lee Jong-rak, who not only continues to care for his own disabled son, but adopted more babies for a total of fifteen children he and his wife now care for. Over 300 babies were left in the box in 2013, surrendered mostly by single mothers who could not keep them because of social pressure or could not care for them because of congenital disabilities.

But rather than seeing the needs and challenges, Pastor Lee sees each child as perfect, beautiful and important. As I saw each child smile, I saw them in a different way, too. The film tugs at your heart in several ways. Your mind simultaneously says you should be doing something for orphans and asks how could anyone do what Pastor Lee and his wife have done?

The director of the film, Brian Ivie became a Christian during the six months he spent in Korea gathering information and footage for the film. He realized that he was one of those kids, and discovered that God still wanted him. He briefly tells of his own transformation in an interview at the end of the film. Once you realize how important your life is to Jesus Christ, you are reminded that every life is sacred and worth our love and care.

You can learn more about the film, which is only being shown March 3-5 in selected theaters at I am sure the movie will be on DVD before too long, and it would make for a good movie night at church!


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