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Haiti (April 13: clinic day in Thomonde)

The road to the middle-of-nowhere is a bumpy one. At least the roughest off-reading I’ve ever done. It took four hours to get to Thomonde, mostly off road and across a river. The last two cars got lost and had to backtrack, but we made it. 

This trip took us up into the central plateau, a much different looking region of Haiti. It’s green, lush and alive with the first agriculture I’ve seen in Haiti.

We got our clinic up and going by 11. After I met the local pastor, Paul, I talked to a large group of people in the waiting room (under a tree). I spoke to them about Jesus calming the storm. 

We got to work and saw lots and lots of people. Nothing out of the ordinary, but a special, faithful group of families and children. I had a chance to speak with Lophane’s in-laws who came to the clinic today. I also had a chance to talk with My translator Jemmy about faith, culture and people. That was the best part of my day.


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