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Haiti (April 15: transition day)

How do you prepare yourself to re-enter the real world? After a week in Haiti, it’s good to have a day to reflect, recuperate and recharge for the journey home. 

We didn’t have to get up as early today, and traveled to Kaliko Beach Club just a little bit north of Port-au-Prince. It’s a nice little resort on some clear blue water lapping up against a rocky shore. You can just reach down and grab spiny lobsters and giant crabs, which various locals did who then offered to cook them up for me.

We sat on the beach, talked in the pool, napped and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

After supper our group reflected on the week, and how it affected us and our faith. Plus, what will we say when someone asks, “So, how was your trip? Did you have fun?”

It’s a difficult question to answer. It was a hard week of grueling days and not drinking the water and not opening your mouth in the shower. It was a series of long rides to parts unknown where curious looks welcomed us onto their home court in strange tongues. It was a constant encounter with poverty, mercy and faith. It was as a previous team described it: “The worst vacation I ever loved.”

Everyone from rookies to seasoned veterans talked about “next time.” Lophane and Helen reminded us of the value of “presence.” And we were reminded that our friends, family and colleagues will now try to reel us back into the world from which we have been absent, whether we are ready or not. 

The images of young eyes peering through holes in the walls, impossibly bumpy roads, the joyful splash of baptismal water and smile after amazing smile will play over and over again in our day and nighttime dreams. Those visions make you see every person, headline and bible passage in a different light. 

How do you re-enter the real world? Transformed, renewed, discerning and grateful.

One thought on “Haiti (April 15: transition day)

  1. I know you guys did a great job as you do at home with your congregation.  Sorry to say, we too are looking forward in your return as we did miss you both.  Have a safe trip home and why not enjoy a few days rest (from a long flight) knowing that when you are back with your sheep, you will be welcomed with love and open arms.  See ya then – Al Jensen

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