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Waiting for the storm

IMG_7388You know it’s coming.

You’ve been sitting in front of the TV for hours, watching the nonstop storm coverage on every local TV channel. You know every local news and weather personality. By first name. You’ve checked the weather radar on you phone…again. The storm is hundreds of miles away. You’ve done everything you can possibly do to get ready. The sky is clear, the winds are calm, the beer is cold, the gas cans are full, there’s no more room in your home for bottled water, and you are hunkered down.

Now what? Now what do you do?

You step outside. No rain. No wind. No storm.

You check your phone. No messages. No email.

You check the fridge. You’re not hungry, but that looks good. No one counts the calories of hurricane food. And a hurricane is coming. Why not?

The phone buzzes. A text! A hurricane warning. I know. I’m waiting. And waiting.

Waiting for a storm is hard. Maybe the hardest part. And everyone reminds you a storm is coming. Weather. Adolescence. Armageddon. Zombies. Whatever. We are always on the brink of apocalypse. But then the rain stops. The sun comes out. Peace is negotiated. The undead never arrive.

Must we constantly live on eve of destruction? Or can we simply enjoy a few moments of boring, unspectacular, predictable routine?

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