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Quiet, empty hallways

Photo by Manuel Polo on Unsplash

What a difference the weekend makes! I had to go up to Jacksonville, FL today to visit a couple of people at Baptist Medical Center. I’d been downtown before, so I knew how daunting the traffic and parking could be.

But not on a Saturday afternoon. Zipped right up there. Found a parking spot almost immediately. I found my way to the elevators for the heart hospital by following the signs with arrows. Something felt strange though. Not only did I see fewer people there than on a weekday — I saw no one. No one sitting at the desks. No one walking in the halls. I had a room number though and made it to my first visit.

My second visit was in a different division of the hospital altogether. As I stepped back on to the elevator, a doctor joined me and asked which floor I was going to. I said, “Whichever one can get me to the adult medical tower.” He got me off at the right floor and showed me which way to go.

The right direction took me past empty waiting areas, registration desks, windowed offices and displays of art. A long curved hallway led to another straight passageway, and tiled floors transitioned to carpet. Should I take that stairway on my left to the first floor? Let me go a little further this way. The sign above the doorway said, “Children’s hospital.” I retraced my steps, took the stairs and found myself in an area that looked familiar. There were people coming and going, a cafe feeding people, and many other signs of life. I had been here before, found my way to the elevators, and got to my second visit.

When it was time to head home, I had to find my way back to the parking garage where I started. The halls were still deserted, I still didn’t see a soul, I only made one wrong turn, but I found my car.

I fells like I could have used a pillar of cloud to guide me, but for today, God used a few people and signs to get me in and out and back home again. Thank you, Lord!


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