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The Cast of Advent: December 8 – John (the Baptist)

Photo by Candra Winata on Unsplash

“You shall call his name John” (Luke 1:13).

John is a miracle baby. His parents Zechariah and Elizabeth had resigned themselves to growing old together with no children. But God had other plans. Well, actually, he had just one plan, and their son John was a part of it. He would make ready a people prepared the for the Lord.

Even before he was born, John was excited about the arrival of the Messiah. As soon as his mom Elizabeth heard Mary say, “Hi!” he leapt for joy in her womb! John’s popularity would soar when he began preaching in the wilderness. “Just wait,” he explained. “Someone much greater than me is coming.”

In what must have seemed like a split-second, John’s ratings plummeted. He was thrown in prison until his head was served up on a platter. But he knew. John knew his life would fade as the Lamb of God was glorified.

He was like the rabbit in a mile race. The rabbit goes out fast to make sure the field runs at a record pace. The rabbit won’t win the race. In fact, he doesn’t even finish. A lap or two in, he steps off the track and a much better runner will break the tape at the finish line.

John knew that. In fact, every time someone spoke to him, he would be reminded of that. The name John means “Yahweh is gracious.” His whole identity was tied up in pointing people to the Lord.

When I remember that Jesus came into this world for me, lived a perfect life for me, died on a cross for me and rose from the dead for me, I remember that I really find my identity in who he is. When I proclaim who he is, I know exactly who I am. I’m a child of God because he is the Son of God.

Thank you, Lord, for reminding me of who I am – your dearly loved child. To you be the glory! Amen. 

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