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The rare albino garbage truck

I’m glad my phone was accessible when I saw this rare albino garbage truck on US 1 n the way to St. Augustine. This is a first. All the others I’ve seen were green and painted with a waste disposal company logo. It doesn’t look brand new but has a couple of rakes on the side and a hefty winch on top. So I’m wondering what this is all about.

I suppose you can buy your own garbage truck from whoever manufactures them. A quick search revealed a $250,000 price tag. I wonder what other colors are available? And what options can you choose?

Someone may have made a mistake at the assembly line, and pushed the “white” button instead of “green.” Pretty major error.

Or maybe this person bought a used garbage truck and painted it white for their own business. Could a private collector undercut the big boys who contact with the city? White would certainly make you stand out. But there’s no business info on it, so I’m not sure that’s the case here.

Perhaps this isn’t a garbage truck at all. Maybe its a cover for some other kind of business, smuggling something from one end of the state to the other. Does anyone ever question what you’ve got in that garbage truck?

Maybe the truck isn’t there at all. It’s not albino, but a ghost!

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