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The joy of nesting Santas

About thirty years ago friends of ours gave us some nesting Santas for Christmas. Back then, we had no idea how many years of joy we would get from that simple gift!

The Santas are one of the first decorations out of the storage boxes each year. They are guaranteed to keep little ones (and oftentimes older ones) busy for hours. My grandson came back to them time and time again the afternoon we unpacked them.

The star of the show is the smallest one, the baby Santa. Who couldn’t love that little guy? When my children were growing up, a favorite game was hiding baby Santa. It’s pretty simple. One person hides the baby Santa on the Christmas tree while everyone else has their eyes closed. The first one to find him gets to hide him for the next round. On a Christmas tree filled with lights and ornaments, a 2-inch Santa can be surprisingly hard to find. Wrapped in greenery, balanced behind ornaments or nestled close to the trunk, baby Santa has quite a range of hiding places.

The grandchildren are just about old enough to play this game. Next year for sure. For now, it’s so much fun to watch them laugh as they discover Santa after Santa after Santa in this simple entertaining toy.

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