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More relics

A few weeks ago I wrote about the few things I still have from before I was married. Today, another older relic on my office bookshelf caught my eye: my penny collection.

I’m not sure when I started collecting pennies. There is a note written in the folder from January 1, 1972 indicating that I had eighty-four coins in my collection. I would have been fourteen at the time. The pennies range in date from 1916 through 1975 in this folder, and go on through 1992 in another. There is also a folder containing nickels from 1940 – 1959.

I know I never actually purchased any of these coins for the collection. I found them all in circulation and in cans of coins my parents had. I thought I had some steel cents from 1943, but I don’t seen them in the folder.

Anyway, these are by far the oldest things I still own from my childhood. I’m sure my parents got us started to keep us busy on a rainy day when we couldn’t go outside to play. This is what we did when there was no internet and only three channels on the TV. The whole collection is probably worth about $2.00 (a hundred pennies and twenty nickels!)

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