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2020 Advent devotion: A low whisper

“Live and in person” Advent devotion for December 10, 2020. Read 1 Kings 19:9-12 and Psalm 29.

What does the voice of God sound like? Most people probably imagine it to be loud, deep and with a British accent. In Psalm 29 David describes it as powerful enough to break trees and shake the ground beneath your feet. Jesus cried out in a loud voice at Lazarus’ tomb or when He gave up His spirit in death. In Revelation His voice is like the roar of many waters, as if your were standing on the beach before the crashing waves. Or the roar of rapids echoing from canyon walls.

But for Elijah, it wasn’t like that at all. Convinced that he’s the last believer left on earth, Elijah ascends a mountain where the Lord Himself passes by. Though the moment is marked by gale force winds, a ground-splitting earthquake and scorching flames, it is the sound of a low whisper that draws the prophet to the mouth of a cave where he converses with God.

When you are in a room full of children, the volume of their voices often increases as they try harder and harder to be heard. Sometimes you have to remind them, “You don’t have to yell. I’m right here. You can use your inside voice.”

Some small sounds immediately capture my attention. Water dripping from some faucet. An unusual noise from the car engine. A subdued “Uh-oh” from the other room. A low growl from the dog who heard someone outside the house. Or a far off ambulance siren.

Sometimes God’s voice seems very small, almost unnoticeable among all the noise in our world. Ours is a noisy world full of car horns and barking dogs and ringing phones and crying children and advertisements and weather alerts. The voice of the Savior can be drowned out by all kinds of other folks trying to get your attention.

So sometimes you have to turn all that off, close all the doors, disconnect the distractions and just listen. Listen to what He has to say as you read scripture aloud. Listen as someone else reads the Word to you. Listen as if He were talking to you.

The Savior came into this world as an infant, one small voice that few noticed or listened to. Yet His are the words of eternal life. What a blessing that He still quietly and powerfully speaks to us through His Word!

Thank you, Lord, for using Your inside voice to speak Words of comfort, reassurance and life to me. Amen.

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